A real hero!

Miles away from his kinsfolk Just gazing at the letters and photographs Brave enough to destroy the foeman But dying to see his family from half life span He has a heart of saffron Voice of white… thinks green and Gifts his country the days of pride. The excited dear ones are waiting for him..since… Continue reading A real hero!

Fire field

Stepped in this world… A world of battles Vying to reach the top With fragile body But eyes having dazzles The sphere has legends This minute I’m no one My courage ignites me To toil every second And outshine the great sun You keep on challenging me I’ll keep on facing you You try to… Continue reading Fire field


The one who’s mad in love Is either a genius or a fool Either an eye candy or a mule He Leaves the world besides .and Dancs in love..because Love makes him blind and Passion makes him handcuffed Everyone warns him about this trap But for him it’s life His only aim is to find… Continue reading LOVE

Born Again


I want to break down Because I wanna enliven myself

There’s something missing in me

And that’s me I’ve forgotten myselfIn the race of achieving

And I know where I’ve left myself

I’ve realized now..that this is not me

It’s someone vague and unsighted mentally

I committed a sin Worrying about those who never understood that what i was So..

they conquered and I lost.. Now I’ve deciphered this gambit

And have mastered it at the cost of me Because I was puzzled initially..

I picked the golden hollow box And left the wooden one having a crown

I dream to become something unbreakable now .. So I Want to break down